Since 2005, the PTMT projects have collectively focused on supporting mathematics teacher education through developing materials and contributing research understandings about the knowledge and practices of preservice and inservice mathematics teachers. PTMT materials integrate mathematical tasks, technological tools, pedagogical strategies, with an emphasis on examining student practices and classroom interactions.

The PTMT project began in 2005 with Hollylynne Lee and Karen Hollebrands (NC State) embarking to develop curricula material that embodied their approach to preparing teachers to teach with technology through iteratively, and sometimes simultaneously, engaging them in developing their mathematical/statistical knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and technological skills. The first two sets of teacher education curricula materials focused on the domains of data and probability and geometry. The aim was to help educators develop a model of teaching and learning that went beyond the specifics of a technology tool so that they could make informed decisions about the appropriate use of technology for teaching mathematics in general. In 2011, the project expanded it’s curricula focus to include Algebra and brought in Allison McCulloch (now at UNC Charlotte).

PTMT has worked with over 200 mathematics teacher educators who in turn have utilized the materials either in courses or professional developments, impacting over 5000 mathematics teachers. In 2015, the project materials went digital to include a web portal with free access to materials and technology files for each of the modules: An Integrated Approach to Data Analysis and Probability, An Integrated Approach to Geometry, and An Integrated Approach to Algebra. In 2017, we expanded the materials to include a set of video interviews and classroom practices in Voices from the Field. In addition, with new statistics standards and online tools, we reinvisioned several chapters from the original data and probability module in a new Statistical Investigations module.  

In 2018, new funding was obtained to carry forward the PTMT materials and expand the Algebra materials to include a stronger focus on students’ practices with technology. With Jennifer Lovett (former PTMT graduate student) leading from Middle Tennessee State University and co-investigators Allison McCulloch (UNC Charlotte), Charity Cayton (East Carolina University), and Hollylynne Lee (NC State), the project is truly cross-institutional and will continue to impact the mathematics teacher education efforts at institutions across the U.S.

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